Fragmenten uit interviews, reportages, recensies 1994-2012

  • \"Ik ben eigenlijk nogal verlegen. Een interview geven is geen probleem, maar als je me op straat ontmoet dan kom ik moeilijk uit mijn woorden. Daarom moet je weten wanneer en aan wie te delegeren.\" Sigurd Mensing
    door 2 Sides Media Ñapa, 2009
  • "Where are the crates? Don't tell me they didn’t deliver them or I’m going to kill somebody!" Malcolm McLaren
    door Otti Thomas Reuters, 1999
  • For hundreds of years, the dikes, dunes and ditches that criss-cross the Netherlands have helped the Dutch succeed where King Canute failed. But experts say the lowlands, like England’s Viking ruler, cannot hold back the tide for ever.
    door Otti Thomas Reuters, 1999
  • The outbreak, the villagers stress, could have happened anyway and has infected those living elsewhere, but Bovenkarspel has shouldered the attention and the mass influx of media. The local vicar turns down all requests to answer questions.
    door Otti Thomas, Reuters, 1999
  • Rain or shine, there is always a long line of people waiting to visit the narrow house where Jewish teenager Anne Frank wrote her diary during World War II.
    door Otti Thomas; Reuters, 1999
  • The world in 2025 - a world where there is clean, safe water for everyone, more than enough for drinking, bathing and growing crops.
    door Otti Thomas; Reuters, 2000
  • A Dutch court found seven men guilty of involvement in the deaths of 58 Chinese illegal immigrants as they were being smuggled into Britain last year, and handed down sentences of up to nine years on Friday.
    door Otti Thomas, Katie Nguyen; Reuters, 2001
  • Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok’s government resigned on Tuesday to take responsibility for its shortcomings during a catastrophic peacekeeping mission that failed to prevent the worst massacre of the Bosnian war in 1995.
    door Otti Thomas, Eric Onstad; Reuters, 2002
  • "It is normally very hard for the Salvation Army to get the attention of young people. By launching this clothes line we can bring them all sorts of messages." Piet Sigter, Leger des Heils
    door Otti Thomas Reuters, 2003
  • Three ships - the yellow Hercules, black Giant 4 and white Rambiz - tower almost 100 metres (330 feet) above the waves as they lift the first and probably trickiest cut-off part of the Tricolor.
    door Otti Thomas Reuters, 2003

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