Madurodam celebrates its namesake’s birthday

THE HAGUE-Madurodam, the famous miniature city in The Hague, today honored George Maduro, the equally famous hero from Curaçao, it was named after. Maduro’s 100th birthday was celebrated with the official presentation of an English-language biography by Kathleen Brandt-Carey and the unveiling of a monument, which shows Maduro as a young boy and as a man in his twenties.
Furthermore, a cousin and namesake of Maduro, George Maduro Alvarez Correa, accepted the Military Order of William on behalf of the Maduro-family. It is the highest and oldest military decoration in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. George Maduro, who in 1945 died of typhus in concentration camp Dachau, was posthumously awarded with this decoration for his efforts to defend the Netherlands against German troops in the first days of the Second World War. The award was handed out by major Marco Kroon, who received the Military Order of William in 2009. Coincidently, Kroon was also born on July 15th. “I couldn’t wish for a better birthday present,” he said.

Outtake story for The Daily Herald St. Martin (July 2016)